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Wellbeing Enterprises (WE) is an award winning social enterprise and a leading light in community approaches to health and wellbeing.

WE empower people to take control of their health, living happier, longer lives, by:

  • Educating professionals and the public
  • Delivering evidence-based interventions unlocking the potential of people and communities
  • Collaborating with people and partners to deliver large-scale health and social care programmes

WE recognise the challenges facing our communities and the health and social care system. Unless we invest in prevention, demand will increase beyond the capacity of an already stretched system.  For over ten years WE have worked with people and professionals to find creative ways of improving health and wellbeing by looking beyond traditional medical approaches and contributing to demand management strategies.




A shift to wellbeing brings considerable benefits to people and communities

Gregor Henderson, National Lead for Wellbeing and Mental Health, Public Health England

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